Sample Essay

This story has been in the eye of the media for a long time that has turned on every source there is to provide information about the process that led to CX30, the people involved and the practices adhered to. A study of the case study leads me to believe that following concerns with regards to ethics and professionalism were set aside to meet the January 01 deadline of the robot’s launch:

Failure to assign leadership responsibility appropriately – Michael Waterson’s assignment of Sam Reynolds as the project manager for the CX30 project, just to save costs, time and external resistance faced in acquiring a new resource to do the job, disregarding the fact that Reynolds has no prior experience of the robotics division’s projects, is a highly important concern, and raises the question of professionalism in the organization to ensure that each individual is fit for the job he / she’s assigned to do. In case of any gaps, appropriate trainings are to be provided to get the individual onboard the new dimension in which he / she is expected to perform.


Coercion does not drive results – Mike Waterson’s coercive statements to shut down the robotics division that ultimately lead to the entire team forced to cut corners in their parts, to get things done, are of a high concern today, as it is the case with many companies in this sector that, in view of an approaching deadline, coerce employees for their jobs to get things in time, at which moment employees are forced to cut corners in order to save their and other’s jobs. It is both unprofessional and unethical approach to ensuring delivery on time, compromising quality, reputation, effort, stress and approaches that might not be appropriate for the employees forced to complete the task, but inevitable to use. Again, another case of effective coercive use of power involves Ray Johnson coercing Cindy Yardley to fake the test results of Bart Matthew’s module by inducing the fear of jobs of the entire robotics division.

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