Sample Essay

Responsibility towards such an issue is not just limited to industries alone, it’s the job of every individual serving his own self and those around.  Any laid back attitude especially by highly responsible professions like those of doctors could result in any serious consequence. According to the documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, Guggenheim highlights major events that could lead to a world catastrophe and reveals organizations playing with lives. It is a matter of professions merging with industries and various other individuals to show responsibility to a mutual cause.

Perhaps those responsible for global warming and then complaining about it themselves are large corporations that indulge in all activities that undermine ethical contribution to the planet. Exploitations range from under paid workers to toxic wastes led down the seas and rivers. Who exactly is solely responsible then?

On the other hand, many argue that the issue of global warming is nothing but hoax which is being used by the elite and politicians to their own benefit and it’s thus a man made issue altogether. However, pondering over evidences and raise in atmospheric temperature could be felt as one of the stages of global warming itself which could possibly be exaggerated by developed countries to undermine the industrial activities of the developing countries.

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