Sample Essay

Environmental management is the way in which the human-environment interaction is controlled by protecting human health, welfare and environmental conditions. John (2003) states that, the conditions which can affect human welfare and their surroundings can be; natural hazards possessed by the nature to human health, impact of pollution on human health by them, pollution and excess use of productive natural systems and ecosystems, use of natural resources at unsustainable rates.

John (2003) also argues that, the natural hazards harmful for the mankind could be named as cyclone, landslide, earthquake, grass and forest fires, tornadoes, twisters, floods or any other natural disaster which can be diminished by proper alert system on national basis. John (2003) further explains that corruption of drinking or daily use water, air, food by toxic waste that brings severe diseases and sickness are the example of human generated pollution which affects them in return.

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