The best methodology to apply for the case is online focus group identifying the target population to be that of the youth (Miriampolski, 2001). The youth are mostly interested in using computers and this method will be appropriate since they will feel encouraged to participate and they will have a good reason of spending more time at their computers. Although there are several disadvantages of using online focus groups, the advantages have much weight and thus make it a very good method to collect qualitative data.

Telephone could be thought as a method that can be used instead of online focus groups. However, they are more expensive and it is very hard to come up with the telephone numbers of the intended respondents (Miriampolski, 2001). Electronic bulletin board is thought to be a bit expensive and is complicated such that some types of repondents cannot use it. It is also notable that bulletin boards may not yield the expected results since some respondents may not turn up to finish answering the answers ((Dana, n.d).

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