Sample Essay

(Daniel, 1996, p219) Nowadays, the organizational structure and organizational environment of almost every company is highly affected by the vulnerabilities and threats associated with the organizational behavior of the employees. Employees are the actual asset of the company who work for the betterment and progress of the organization as a team. It is because of their hard work which promotes the company ahead in the marketplace and makes it successful and unbeaten with innovation.

            However, there are some behavioral aspects which may affect the organizational environment to huge extends. It is the lack of ethics due to which employees get accused of stealing, abusing, cheating and bad behavior in the company. Moreover, it has been observed that no matter on what position the employees are working at, they steal things or money which are the company’s property. Now, these employees could be on high ranks or even low ranks but they do steal from the office property whenever they get a chance to. According to a research, this is because they are not treated well enough with good ethics program.

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