Sample Essay

A comprehensive relocation plan which eases their concerns and motivates them will be developed. This will include an orientation programme where employees will be briefed about the location and the quality of life in the South. Housing will be arranged by the company for a limited time or an allowance will be provided to facilitate them in finding a place to live.

Placement support for spouses and help in selection and admittance to schools will be provided. Career advantages to relocation will also be enumerated and promotions may be offered to ensure that key employees occupy key positions within the company if the current employees chose not to relocate.  The objective is to maintain the value that these employees provide to the organization while also allowing the employees to feel valued. Business unit and functional heads need to be retained as they determine the strategic course of the organization and will ensure that the targets are achieved. Changing functional heads may result in a change in the vision and direction which will affect the performance.

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