After the WWII, the US did not have interest in South East Asian and Vietnam, but this was changed after the emerging conflict US and its allies and Soviet Union and its allies. The bone of contention was the isolation of the pro-communism states. The major reason for concern for the US and its allies was the containment and Domino theory which was based on the notion that if one of the states in South East Asia could be transformed into communism, the other could follow suit to adopt this ideology.

This could have a direct negative influence on the US foreign policy during the cold war hence making the US to make efforts to contain communism. Since 1950 US made efforts to support the French military by offering them with advisors and funds in order to control the influence of Viet Minh. These efforts did not yield fruits since seven after sending personnel to train the South Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam); their army remain relatively poor when compared to the North Vietnam army.

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