Sample Essay

There are total ten elements present which are a part of the Safety Culture Maturity Model. These elements are listed as:

  • Communication
  • Resources
  • Rules and procedures
  • Visible commitment of supervisor
  • Organizational learning
  • Visible commitment of management
  • Production pressures
  • Workforce involvement
  • Training
  • Level of trust
The best practice which could be used for incorporating the safety culture maturity model in the construction companies of Hong Kong is to make certain groups and then set training schedules of employees. In these training sessions, the participants should be taught with specific and important situations where accidents could happen and how they should react accordingly. After completing the training sessions, they should be given cards individually where certain situations are stated inside the cards. The participants must read the situation and then answer appropriately what safety measures should be taken in what kind of situations. This way, every employee could be provided a chance to speak and express himself and could use his mental capabilities better than before.

However, humans still make mistakes as “to err is human”. At times, the employees could neglect the safety precautions while working which cause accident, sickness or even serious injuries but it could be handled properly if appropriate measures are taken onsite immediately for the employees. It is because a certain system could only help the person to learn and evaluate what to do in what situations but the system itself cannot fight for the treatment of any type of accident and people should take care of it in practical real life. Safety culture maturity model helps the companies to analyze and evaluate their current state of maturity where the company would recognize the measures which are needed to be adopt for performance enhancement.

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