Sample Essay

One of the most important elements regarding Merck’s strategy was the creation of a Strategy Realization Office. This move created an entire department focused on successful implementation of strategies. Line managers tend to get bogged down with daily work or get tied to traditions to reevaluate what they are doing and consider doing things in a different way.

This makes it very advantageous to have a separate unit which is focused totally on strategy implementation and seeks to bring together the different departments such as sales, marketing and finance amongst others on one page so that there is a symmetry in what each of the departments are doing. This focus on unifying the goals of each department is also a key element of their strategy. Each department needs to work together and achieve a synergy if the organization’s goals are to be successfully achieved. Another element to this unification is the centralization of the different units of Merck in different countries. . Although there is a small compromise on flexibility in any effort of centralization, however a unified focus for all units can serve to work well in the sense that the units are focused on the entire organization’s well being rather than their own unit. Also, it is important to make each department feel that there are key to the organization but need to work together for success.

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