Sample Essay

All the components that comprise an electrical or electronic product when it is being discarded are termed as Electronic waste. These products could be Computers, Televisions, Stereos, Photo Copiers, fax machines and other electronic products. These components are recycled, resold or reused. These products comprises of elements like lead, tin, copper, aluminum, cadmium, beryllium, iron, zinc, gold, mercury, sulphur, carbon, polychlorinated biphenyls etc.

                The advancement of computing and the increase in the usability of electronic gadgets have trigged the conventional disposal of electronic products widely. The harmful components that this e-waste comprises have high lightened the issue of proper disposal of these products which is in itself a huge task. The methods of handling this e-waste have not been standardized worldwide but different countries are following different strategies to tackle the related issues. The mode of recycling this e-waste is difficult and costly and in many parts of the world export of this waste is not being considered illegal. The developing nations likeIndia,ChinaandKenyaare among those countries that import this e-waste and earn profits.

When discarded computers vanish from desktops around the world, they often end up in Guiyu, which may be the electronic-waste capital of the globe. (Johnson, 2006)

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