Sample Essay

The recent policies of the Australian government can have a detrimental impact on the efficiency of the health care system in the region. This is because the health policy allows the individuals amongst the general public to access and attain high quality health care fir a high price form private facilities. This can increase the orientation of the skilled health care staff to enter the private sector, therefore making the healthcare system in Australia ineffective and inefficient.

Aside from this the “inappropriate prescribing or over-use of pharmaceuticals is a major source of inefficiency. Not only is the direct expenditure wasteful, drug misadventures are estimated to account for a substantial proportion of hospital admissions, readmissions and nursing home admissions” (‘MEDICARE FACT SHEET 4’, 2001) Moreover it is also argues that allocation of resources to the healthcare system and the lack of investment in disease prevention and research (Armstrong, 1997) can also be inefficient for the healthcare system in the future.

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