The resultant effect of hypersensitivity in veterans suffering from PTSD without any medical help is that the veterans will experience severe anxiety or panic attacks. They will also on several occasions complain about migraine headaches which are triggered by one of the above mentioned symptoms of hypersensitivity (Samuel, p.512). CBT will help the veterans feel comfortable in the home environment and get used to the noises and lights as part of the real world away from the battle fields.

Mood swings is also another symptom of PSTD in veterans but may not be visible or easily noticeable. However, Hunt argues that mood swings are very apparent and easy to notice. When the soldier begins to experience problems with mood swings, it will almost always appear as aggressive or violent. Mood swings often appear as mild temper tantrums, or irritability towards others (p.38). Self-mutilation in the form of cutting or burning oneself can also be a symptom of PTSD. The individual is in a lot of emotional pain that they find an outlet through self-mutilation (Sohmer, p.143).

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