Sample Essay

Companies run on the effective business which brings beneficial revenue to its entrepreneurs and stakeholders. Due to globalization, companies are trying their best to improve their operations and teams according to the modern techniques and competition, and so is the company we are dealing who wants to introduce its team in the marketplace and improve the overall effectiveness of its operations.

First of all, we would focus on entire system of operations running in the company and help it to enhance. (Thierauf, Jaques, Hoctor; 2003, p169) We would not only stress on the overall operations of the company, but also will focus on the infrastructure of it as well. Our client company should focus more on the technology as well as on the infrastructure of the whole organization which could improve the image of the company in the marketplace while keeping its edge over the competitors, and give a chance of motivation to the employees. After studying the overall case, in order to enhance the overall operations of the company and introduce the teams with good reputation, we would suggest carrying out the following changes in the company (Murugan, p470):

  •  Streamlining of workflow
  • Standardizing the working procedures
  • Setting timelines and goals for the employees to accomplish within the deadlines
  • Optimization of resources available
  • Improving staff communication

Providing training to the employees

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