Sample Essay

The region of the Middle Easthas seen significant economic progression in the recent decades due to its trade relations with other countries and its exporting of the much demanded natural resource, crude oil.

The small kingdoms in the region have earned economic prosperity through the export and sale of crude oil which has contributed to the overall development and progression of the region. “the current, ever-expanding construction phases in Dubai, UAE, GCC and all over Asia, provide a highly fertile ground for such concepts to nestle in, a home in the newly designed and creatively appointed decors, so that the cute new concepts with the most lavish and appealing ideas would flourish. The combination of creative concepts blended with thousands of newly built access with improved consumer interaction is a very positive sign.” (Javed, 2007)[1] Aside from this the strategic geopolitical location of the countries in the middle east makes them an attractive region form the western businesses and retailer who want to have access to the lower cost based markets in Central and South Asia,. Moreover conducting business operations in the Middle East provides the corporations and businesses with saving in terms of their operations costs while also giving them access to a target market to cater to in the middle east as well as those present in Asia.

[1] Javed, N., “Franchising & Novou-Consumerism in Middle East”, 2007, accessed April 7, 2009 from


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