Sample Essay

In nineteenth century Davidoff said:

Below a certain level, working-class people bodies, cloths and surroundings were not only shabby but smelled of grease, dust and grime ‘. Inequality in income and wealth could be heard, smelled and seen; the average working class male, child or adult, was several inches shorter than some one of the same age from middle or the upper class.

Now the question arises that what was the actual or factual performance of the British economy? The need is to choose appropriate standards to measure the economic well being. The standard should be realistic and achievable keeping other things favorable. The only thing to be considered is the economy should have utilized the resources in all possible ways. The per capita growth of Britain was faster between the years 1880-1914 in comparison to the classical period of British industrialization earlier than 1860’s.This pattern of growth is slower than other competitive countries but it is still applicable today. The capitalism promoted industrialism which had replaces merchants to industrialists. In times of first industrial revolution the large control and stronghold was shifted to the financiers who promoted corporations and financial capitalism. Industrial empires were at boom with the help of the people who left production.

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