Sample Essay

Martha has a meager childhood where supported herself through sale of baked items in the neighborhood. Her backgrounds of a family with limited resources gave her a strong sense of determination and drive for success which has resulted in her becoming an established and successful manager and a leader for many.

Martha Stewart graduated from Barnard Co9llege and became a model; however in her ensuing years she gave up modeling in favor of working as a stockbroker. This is where she was able to hone her business skills while developing the trait of managing independent business processes and operations with specific goals and objectives. The only thing that forced her to leave stock brokerage were the economic troubles of 1973 as a result of which she left the Wall Street to return to her family home. There she started to renovate, decorate as well as cook and in the following years commenced formally teaching these skills to others. The home development and lifestyle business was a small venture that she explored upon with the popularity gained amongst her peers and the opportunities that she got for launching her name as the brand for her lifestyle program. Martha Stewart then went on to write books, and develop magazines on home development, renovation, entertaining, cooking and managing a lifestyle.

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