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It forbade the shipment of e-waste to developing countries, thereby, taking a stand to protect them. However, Canada and USA are the only developed countries that have not made much an effort to support this cause. It is now a matter of gathering companies and consumers urging them to act responsibility and paving way for the step to go green.

Developing countries like India seek opportunities in e-waste recycling which happens to be the bread and butter for many. While burning chips and electronic computer cards, the fumes given off would hurt eyes and create irritation, however, with the span of time workers get accustomed to the work gaining momentum and resulting in a growing market in India.

While comparing the rate, it would cost only $2 in India to recycle a computer as opposed to $20 in USA, thus, the cost effective nature of such a business is getting the country huge prospects.

Greenpeace scientist, Dr. Kevin Brigdon has had the opportunity of researching on various samples collected from India and China where recycling takes place. He has thus been able to achieve astounding results which reveal health issues as horrendous as possible.

Therefore, high levels of heavy metals and organic chemicals such as cadmium and lead result in affecting the growing nervous system thereby even undermining the I.Q of children, while kidneys are also not spared. Moreover, the workers and people of the surrounding vicinity suffer from hormonal imbalances as well which as a whole adds up to more adverse effects in the long run.

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