Sample Essay

The workers are exposed to extremely toxic chemicals and their reactions in the processes of digging valuable metals like gold and copper. These harmful chemicals have introduced in these workers more tendencies that are similar to cancer patients. Some studies show that the workers at a few locations have got their DNA’s affected.

The cellular DNA damage, caused by the constant exposure to the waste, may increase the risk of cancer and lead to serious health problems for the workers exposed to these heavily toxic pollutants. The highly elevated levels of the DNA damage biomarker seen in workers after their work shifts demonstrates that the E-waste causes oxidative stress and resultant DNA damage. (Hesslers, Mitchelmore, 2008)

The workers are protected under law worldwide, but fewer poverty laden workers are aware of their rights. More importantly the workers, at most of these work places are unaware of the hazards of the work they indulge themselves in. Most of these are illiterate and readily grabs the opportunity of earning money from where they could. The governments on the other hand try to avoid their role in the regard and ignore these poor people’s health and rights. Only few organizations that work for humanitarian causes try to interfere in the issues but they seldom could do anything as the industry is huge and has been an established source of revenue for people and the economies involved in the trade.

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