Sample Essay

According to Orr (2010), the theory of competitive advantage by Porter aligns the fact that the political climate and level of support for the local industries significantly influences the ability of the country to join the international community. The Middle East economies have achieved significantly high grounds in terms of achievement of democratic rule. On the same note, the emergence of globally recognized institutions as well as the ability of these countries to adhere to internationally stipulated standards in terms of governance and management has thrust it to the international limelight, opening up the boundaries to the rest of the world.  The period before and immediately after the recession was an important era in the books of history in relation to the Middle East owing to the increased generation of interrelationships with the rest of the globe especially owing to the increased demand for oil products and the capital flows mainly from the region. The region has thus contributed to the development of the globe to a large extend through provision of enabling means and increased foreign direct investment in most nations including theUS.

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