Sample Essay

Youngsters do not realize the side effects of drugs before consuming them.  Some of them consume them to create a cool effect. If you glance at the side effects of drugs, you will find a never ending list.  However, everyone does not have the opinion that drugs are hazardous. We can take the example of marijuana. It is one of the categories of drugs consumed by musicians, song composers and drama writers.What is the reason behind this? Marijuana calms down the mental state and reduces the activity level as well.  Writers who compose lyrics and dialogues can concentrate on their tasks in a better manner. However, a large percentage of common people think in the opposite direction. According to them, the human mind is not dependent on any drug to concentrate at the highest level.

Regular drug consumption can affect the mental state of any person.  It gradually fades the thinking power and creates a continuous drowsiness. People who want to quite taking drugs go through a proper rehabilitation process. This includes taking injections and pills. Apart from that, patients are admitted if the situation is severe.  Drug patients usually face a serious loss of memory as well.  They have blank patches in their mind and forget a certain phase of their life as well.  If you are using drugs to reduce your tensions, you are sadly mistaken. This is because the usage of this hazardous constituent can lead to cancer.

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