Sample Essay

The issue of drinking by the teenagers is there since centuries. It has been said that young adults used to drink buckets of ale in the Pre-Revolutionary America. At present, in the presentUnited States, drinking publicly is prohibited for the young adults less than twenty-one years of age. This has created the image of liquor as forbidden fruit for the teenagers. The number of drunken teenagers is growing rapidly these days and it is considered very harmful for the young adults.

The drinking habits of teenagers can start from occasionally at indoor family gathering (which is obviously comes under the restrict guidance of parents or guardians) and then can grab the habit of becoming habitual with friends and off campus whenever they get a chance. Although, the teenagers are not legally permitted to buy liquor from any authorized dealer or store, but they somehow find a way by bribing an adult friend who could easily buy all the required drinking materials for his young adult friends. The increasing number of drinking teenagers has increased the tension between the school systems and parents because they get highly tensed how to overcome this problem by convincing their kids not to drink liquor (Jacobs 13).

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