Sample Essay

Drinking alcohol may not only affect learning capabilities of teenagers, but it also affects their daily routine lives, social skills and related capacities of growing up. The feeling of consuming liquor might be good and adventurous for the teenagers, but it affects their physical and mental capabilities a lot if seen in the long-term. According to a survey, the alcoholic teenagers lack far behind than the normal students in respects of tests conducted verbally, non-verbally by affecting their memory, attention focusing and exercising spatial skills.

According to a survey the age of frequent alcohol consumer teenagers varies from eleven (11) to fifteen (15) years. This is the age of the kids when they are bounced back from every limitation kept on them, and drinking liquor is one of them. The teenagers of 11-15 years of age find it very amusing, adventurous and a sign of bravery that they can consume alcohol and can bear its side-effects. However, their false imagination leads to any disasters and serious consequences which are not good either for the young adults, or for their parents or guardians. The pressure to prove that they are cool, attractive and tough forces these teenagers to choose between some tough and damaging choices.

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