Sample Essay

Despite the fact that this prohibition rule does not work on the youngsters. There should be flexibility from the federal government upon this matter and drinking should be made permissible to them. It should be noted that the drinking problem is not because of the fact of drinking liquor and getting affected by the alcohol.

The main idea should be to allow youngsters to make their decision by themselves and study what they do in return. This thing should be kept in mind that every child learns from his surroundings, and the first surrounding he gets familiar is his own family and relatives. The young generation could learn to avoid irresponsible behavior after drinking from their adults and how to handle liquor and its effects responsibly and properly. This should be made clear to them that drinking is allowed to them, but reckless behavior would never be tolerated, neither misbehaving outside in terms of education nor neglecting the rules of government. A middle normal path should be practiced with harmony and decency, which would be welcomed by their adults.

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