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On the other hand, drawbacks are also associated with this process:

  1. On one hand, while SSADM provides a complete approach to deal with the management, analysis and design, of information systems, it may take some time to expect results (Methodologies 2006) out of this process. Since SSADM follows a structured approach to problem solving, this may require adherence to a series of steps that must be completed before a deliverable is achieved.
  2. Also, incorporation of SSADM (WebProg 2005) could affect the overall duration of the project, extending it to a larger extent. This is also due to the reasons that many organizations do not wish to spend too much time, resources (DCU 2005) or cost on gathering requirements or analyzing the project.

To understand the effects of SSADM in any organization, let us consider the case of an organization facing time management issues with its staff. In normal cases, it is not of significant importance, but for companies like us that are operating in the services sector, time means everything. Failure to solve the issue can result in disastrous consequences both for the business as well as our reputation as the leader in our respective market sector. Our organization wishes to solve this time management issue on as early as possible basis and ensure that all time management activities such as employee arrivals (regular and late), leaves, leaves encashment etc. should be available to the users in such a manner that it makes it easier for them to record this information.

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