Sample Essay

(Koontz, O’Donnell, Weihrich; 1986, p288) If a company is the source of the business it owns, then the managers and supervisors are the backbones who wok with their full potentials to carry out the maximum output from the employees to achieve the set targeted goals of the business owned by the organization. According to my knowledge, it is entirely up to the capabilities of a manager that how much revenue he could get from the performance of the employees working under him by directing them to the right directions and planning the future strategies. The company is the whole set up and the manager is the director who directs every single entity and tells him what to do and how to carry out their tasks. There are times when the manager is not able or not willing to carry out any task or plan anything. This is a very rare and very disastrous point for any company.

Now, as far as I think, the reason for not planning the company’s work could be anything; it could be lack of education, lack of understanding, lack of timeline, lack of planning, lack of knowledge, or some personal issues,  or corporate issues between the manager and the management. But the consequences that I perceive could be beyond my imagination. First of all, the manager would be held responsible for the mismanagement, he would be inquired and re-inquired, and in the end he could either be suspended or fired from the job he is into.

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