Sample Essay

For the turmoil of any society, lack of education and having a low social status through unemployment plays a vital role. Though this rate witnessed slight growth in between 1984 and 1994 there still have been differences in terms of gender participation.

For instance, the labor force participation had risen by 3% for African American females while it has fallen for males, however, as compared to the white counterparts who face less of this issue, it is evident that blacks fell more discouraged and cannot readily be reached by organized labor. The latter has a duty over African American to have support programs for the unemployed, affordable mortgages and public housing, cost effective public transport and day care centers and the most important of all, health care.

Eventually job seekers should be made eligible for unemployment benefits which they are not and organized labor should be given the right of full employment policies so as to mark down the differences between White Americans and African Americans.

The author stresses much upon the fact that for a society that has such differences, unemployed would further the issues of social unrest and discrimination since having a stable job means a calmer society and the privilege of a social status.

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