Sample Essay

The increasing number of people migrating to the region for job opportunities and business opportunities has increased the number of foreign national and expatriates in the region. These people have brought with their own respective cultures, tradition, lifestyle and way of life with them which is attractive for the local Middle Eastern society. Adoption of this lifestyle by them has led to increase in consumerism and the decrease in the national identity for the population in Middle East.

The various types of cultures that are resident in the Middle East as a result of globalization have blurred the cultural boundaries between the Middle Eastern people and the foreign nationals. As the Middle Easterners are increasingly impressed by the foreign national and strive to adopt their live styles which tend to be consumerist.

The increased exposure that is available to the Middle Eastern population and the society as a result of globalization as well as the massive audience for the Hollywood movies and the western television channels creates a consumerist culture in the region. They are adopting the lifestyle the fashion and the behavior that they see on the television and media which is leading to high level of consumerism in the region as well as leading to the loss of national identity of the region.

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