Sample Essay

The motoring program can also be developed for the ethnically diverse workforce, whereby a team of new ethnically diverse recruits can be put under the leadership of a diverse leader who can teach them the ropes of how to deal with customers, how to make decision in situations of crisis and what effective planning and strategic initiatives can be taken for profitability. By doing so the communication in the workforce and between the lower and upper level of management would increase, fostering a growth and learning environment in the organization.

The diverse workforce program should also help motivate the ethnically diverse employees by providing them with the support to effectively manage and work at the company. This can be made possible by providing them with the facilities to balance their professional as well as family life so that their work is not unnecessarily affected. This support can take the form of flexible working conditions that suit their requirements and lifestyle like flexible schedule for mothers, an additional day of in the week for young mothers with children under 8 years of age, provision of holidays or half days for people with diverse ethnic backgrounds on their religious holiday etc.

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