Sample Essay

The case study of this dissertation is the Safety Culture of Construction Industry inHong Kong. The region ofHong Konghas gained popularity and has established a very unique place where it is known as the pearl of the world because it holds the most number of tallest building structures in the world as compared to other famous cities. T recorded number of tallest buildings which are representing the region of Hong Kong are said to be around 6382, which is even more than the skyscrapers and building infrastructures present in the grand one of the most busy cities in the world, i.e., New York city (WAMUZIRI S., 2006, p174).

                However, the reputation of the safety culture adopted by the construction companies inHong Kongneeds an analysis which we would carry out here in this dissertation. There is no doubt that the construction industry and the reputation of the construction companies in the region ofHong Kongis immensely great and appreciable. But there are some problems which are related to the construction industry inHong Kong. One of the major topics which are normally in discussion is the safety culture of construction industry inHong Kong. AlthoughHong Konghas created great reputation for being the best in construction industries among other countries in the world, still then it has safety culture implementation problems associated with the construction companies. There are so many problems and issues which can be handled smoothly without any fuss because of the safety culture in the construction industry (Rowlinson, Walker; 1995, p69).

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