Sample Essay

On the other hand, Skype has the following disadvantages as compared to the traditional communications infrastructure:

  1. Easy to learn for people not comfortable with technology
  2. Possible to communicate with anyone without specific limitation of a Skype identification required
  3. Costs of setting up and maintaining IT infrastructure for use of Skype is required.
  4. Communication, local and international is available all the time, no special service acquisition / subscription is required.
  5. Threat of technological eavesdropping
  6. Personal encryption mechanism and security algorithm, provides no assurance of its fitness for the purpose
  7. Confidentiality of personal information

In view of the current infrastructure, I would suggest that Skype be used, in view of its current cost effectiveness and ease of use and transition from the current system. Although, using this poses risks in terms of organizational security, we may regulate this through the enforcement of security and usage policies that ensure appropriate usage of the application

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