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This also presents a dilemma as higher education institutions ideally want to attract foreign students to the UK, so that they can receive a share of the income generated by this student group, however, the growth of European and US campuses in developing countries is reducing the potential to receive income this way (Allen and Shen 1999).  Whilst global knowledge is there to be shared,UKhigher education institutions were benefitting from the income generated by students coming to the country.  Now that other institutions are willing to move out of their countries and offer the same global knowledge to students in their home countries, the higher education sector in the UK is probably feeling more vulnerable and compromised than ever.

They used to be in a position where they could dictate the demand and where service delivery was implemented, but this has changed with the advent of globalisation which has returned the power to the consumer, and now the students have enough power to warrant the introduction of foreign institutions in their home countries.  This will obviously result in a decline in income, however, by operating in developing countries, foreign higher education institutions are probably hoping that their image will be recognised and draw more people to their country either as students or as tourists (Umashankar 2001, Edwards and Ran 2006).  This view supports the notion of globalisation and internationalisation, as such actions demonstrate that any marketing activities that higher education institutions embark on, will be taking several factors into account such as the economy, and not just the higher education institutions interests.

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