Sample Essay

The launch of Apple Macintosh in 1984 is the example of this competition strategy as it has challenged the monopolistic position of IBM in hardware and Microsoft in operating system categories. This was the first computer with integrated hardware and operating system from the same manufacturer. Differentiation was created in design details, and premium prices were charged to command a highly profitable market of personal computers.

            Apple has the advantage over IBM and Microsoft that it completely controls the hardware and software in contrast to the competitors, whereas IBM lacks software controls and Microsoft cannot streamline dozens of hardware manufacturers of its operating system.

Also, the innovation in product design at Apple is much a head of its competitor and consumer expectations, which resulted in huge demand of the Macintosh so that the allowed the permission of manufacturing Macintosh clones to other suppliers.

Marketing and production department can conduct the evaluation  as they are in direct connection with product development and marketing activities, the result can be utilized by the top management  in strategic decision making process. These results will identify the direction of company policies and  the most preferable changes in future (Michael , 1989). Focusing on the select few concepts,  the above mentioned evaluative criteria might be used to isolate the one or two that should be recommended for further development of the company,  Strategic planners in marketing, sales and production divisions would conduct the concept evaluation and with  tools like SWOT analysis, porter five forces , the buyer adoption model, value chain analysis, and many other viable models for evaluating consumers insights and perceptions.

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