Sample Essay

Dever provided the same solution to for the problems of the company as did Paley. However the difference came in when the choice of the system to set was in question.  Dever was in favour of formally carrying out the steps outlines in the project lifecycle of any system/ business activity and proposed that instead of just getting an off the shelf software and implementing it without proper integration and compatibility the company should focus on setting up a system which would go with the operations of the business as well as provide for long term operation.

He proposed that the company could set up a separate electronic banking division and offer it to customers as a separate product/ service of the company. On this manner it will be introduces to the current customers of the business as a value added service and will also aid in attracting new customers who would prefer to handle their accounts and records from the comforts of their own homes and offices. This option will provide the customers with greater control that Paley’s option and instead of seeming like a dirty patch yup job would be regarded as a value added product/ service. This option could be carried out on a large scale and would include performing the specific background checking and the feasibility study for the project.

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