They also acquired skills in developing heavy artillery shells by setting up industrial mass production technology to aid the attrition war. The soldier learnt wire cutting tactics using the No. 106 Fuse specifically designed to detonate on ground contact. The No. 106 Fuse detonation skill was supplemented with direct and indirect counter battery fire expertise during the early years of World War 1 (Kershaw 302).

As the war progressed, so did the experience the America soldier. In the event of war, it was incumbent upon the soldiers to garner strategic bombing tactics and enemy combatant experience designated to forestall enemy covert operations and pull the adversaries from hiding places. To complement strategic bombing operations, the US Army equipped their soldiers with skills in air warfare. With aerial reconnaissance, tank technology and expertise in mechanized warfare, the soldiers’ military experience continued to evolve towards the demise of the war notwithstanding the emotional and physical harm they apprehended in the course of the conflict.

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