Sample Essay

(Wimmer, 2005, p62) Designing is the most critical step in the cycle of knowledge management system. However, before designing the system for the enterprise, there are certain things that must be considered and evaluated. These factors would prove that the system is really needed by the company and would be beneficial for better performance as well. These factors are listed as under:

–          Usability and significance of the system that proves that the system is really importance for the company and the employees need it for better results

–           Performance of the system, because usually accessing a file manually could take hours or even days from the data store. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate that the new system would improve the overall performance of the company and would also reduce the unwanted delays

–          Third factor is Functionality that should be improved once the system is installed. The system would improve the functionality of the enterprise

–          Cost is yet another last but not the least factor that should be evaluated before designing the system. The company should design a system that comes under the estimated cost of the budget

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