Sample Essay

President Obama recently proposed a new strategy on April 5, 2009 regarding the international nuclear threat. Accordingly, he has proposed to gradually eliminate nuclear weapons thereby carrying out negotiations with Russia and confirming the Test Ban Treaty. This also includes averting terrorists from acquiring any nuclear weapons and stopping it’s trade to any other state (Anonymous 2009). Also, negotiations are under way to facilitate the denuclearization of North Korea which is aimed at achieving through the Six Party Process. Similarly, Iran will also be presented with a choice among such nations as to either meet it’s obligations from an international perspective or have a dismal future as a consequence.

From time to time, sanctions have been imposed on developing nations for trying out their nuclear tests and hence have been under great pressure from developed countries given the consequences of their practicality in Japan and their adverse effects that followed. In today’s era the consequences of such an outcome could pose a far greater threat and hence nuclear powers should be pressurized to discontinue their urge of having a nuclear capacity. Related spending should be diverted to other recreational and infrastructure capabilities and developing nations should be encouraged to eliminate corruption thereby sowing good material as part of human development than having a spendthrift stance on nuclear capacity while the nation stays poor.

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