Sample Essay

(Worldwatch 68) The world has seen a tremendous growth rate in the world population. This has increase the global demand for many products and services of almost every sector, such as; food, power, automobiles, electricity, clothing, house-hold products, beverages, accommodation facilities, educational institutions, electrical and IT items, and the list goes on and on. The increase in the world population has affected every sector and people demand for more with the passage of time because their needs and wants have increased rapidly. The growth rate in the world population since 1960 in the developing countries has been calculated to be 2.6% annually which is considered as gigantic and enormous growth rate according to the researchers.

            ( The growing demand for Bioenergy is said to be good, but has mixed proportion of positive and negative feedbacks, impacts, and results. It will affect the prospective developments in respects of food and food consumption, agricultural demand of production and inflation, change in trade of agricultural, food, natural products and resources, usage and growth of natural resources and crops.

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