Sample Essay

In view of the assignment at hand, as well as the selection of the technology I wish to explore, Web 2.0 and its effects on people and society, the analytical approach to using enquiry, deductive reasoning, is suited for the purpose, owing to a large number of reasons.

Firstly, using analytic deductive will allow us to divide the premise at hand, Web 2.0, a large ground to cover, into smaller, manageable parts. With a broad overall spectrum of Web 2.0, we can be forced to shift our focus, eventually resulting in the research of unmanageable scope. Deductive analysis will allow us to identify component parts at an initial stage, thereby narrowing the overall effort to a controlled activity. This will also allow the organization under review to select a large problem at hand, and chip it down to the parts of importance to the organization.

Secondly, for the purpose of this assignment, this is highly imperative that the impacts of Web 2.0 on different levels of classification, individual, collective as well as ethical grounds, specifically negative ones, are identified, which can only be done by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the components, making up the new technology evolution. This can also help in the organizations looking for future solutions to assess the impact of the new technology as well as its acceptability by its customers, the employees and the society in general.

Thirdly, we can sharpen our focus, using this method, on the specific needs of the assignment. Hence, I have broken down the overall context of this new concept, into component parts, listed as follows:

  1. The early days of the web
  2. Web 2.0
  3. Legal Implications of Web 2.0

With the task at hand, I will now go about analyzing each component individually to determine how they contribute to the overall impacts of the evolution, or rather an evolution we know as Web 2.0

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