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The second address space is System services Address Space (SSAS). This address space has the responsibility of co-coordinating the links DB2 requires to the other sub-systems. Other major responsibility of this address space includes managing log activities ranging from physical logging to taking care of log archives. By default it called DSNMSTR. It registers the starting log of DB2.

Intersystem Resource Lock Manager is the third address space where management of all DB2 locks is being done. It’s called IRLMPROC by default and its functionality also includes deadlock detection.

There is an optional address space called Distributed Data Facility (DDF) that is being required when you want distributed database functionality. It is activated when one DB2 subsystem intends to query another DB2 subsystem that have been partitioned geographically or simply at remote locations.

There is also a dedicated address space designed for the execution of stored procedures and user-defined functions. They are called Stored Procedure Address Spaces (SPAS). They are available in ranges from one to multiple SPAS available on same system based on the version of DB2 being used. To handle multiple functionalities provided by DB2 these five address spaces are used.

Engine dispatch able units (EDUs) are responsible for performing various tasks such as processing database application requests, reading database log files, and flushing log records from the log buffer to the log files on disk. Typically the DB2 server handles this as a separate EDU per task. (Shashank Kharche, 2008)

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