Sample Essay

Data and information management has long been a dilemma for companies whose operational activities are largely dependent on humongous volumes of files stored either at client machines or servers on the network.

Data management, in its short life, has had multiple paradigm shifts each creating new opportunities, challenges and room for further improvement.

From the traditional management model of managing data on the local machines, the IT infrastructure organization and management took a new turn in 1990s with the introduction of the new client-server model, allowing multiple client machines to connect to a single server for data management, storage, backup and recovery operations. However, in client-server infrastructure methodology, management of information requires a strong local area network (LAN) with high bandwidth capabilities to allow for the transfer of heavy files.

Recent years have seen an exponential growth in terms of disk storage capacities, extending now from Gigabytes (GB) to Terabytes (TB) and Exabytes (EB) of server data. The end of this millennium saw the arrival of some of the most extensive network storage management technologies, NAS, SAN and others.

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