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The data for the historical research was taken from accredited and authorized peer reviewed journals, industry journals, industry reports compiled on the brand worth, local industry operations, global industry operations and the performance of the various companies in the industry. The detailed information about the performance of the industry leaders was taken from their official company websites that provided information about their financials, and information about the different marketing strategies that have been used by them. Trade and marketing journals were used as a source of data for the historical research as they provided an analysis of the current and the past marketing campaigns launched by the industry leaders in the retail industry. No probability sampling or specific collection method was employed to collect this data.

 The data gathered for the qualitative research study is in the form of journal articles, trade journal reports and reviews of the marketing campaigns and strategies of the selected successful retailers in the international retail industry. All the data collected is in the written form. The authorization and the verification of the data is provided by the peer reviewed nature of the journals and the bodies that have put the data on their academic electronic databanks. The reliance has been kept on the written sources of information on the successful marketing tactics used by top retailers as they provided an easy and reliable source of information making way for a comprehensive analysis of the successful strategies. Accounts of the textual analytic modes and the analytical techniques have been provided in the following sections.

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