Sample Essay

The movie has a variety of scenes each of which is beautifully done and weave beautifully into each other. As David Beazson states that  ‘In making his rich and colorful movie, Rappeneau distances himself somewhat from the sweeping story, allowing the events to keep moving without disengaging the audience. At its best the film imitates life almost perfectly’. He refers particularly to two the balcony scene in which Cyrano indirectly declares his love for Roxane. However even the sword-fighting scenes and battle scenes are well made and go smoothly with the rest of the movie.

 Cyrano’s love is pure but his love is only recognized and appreciated when he is about to die. He pours his soul out and somebody else is blessed with the love that he seeks. His love and virtue is not rewarded he is punished because he has to be a third person in a relationship in which he has put his soul. Roxane does not see what she has till she has lost it. Her infatuation with Julian’s good looks(though temporary) costs her true love.

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