Sample Essay

Sajdik, Schwarzinger; 2007, p354) The talks continued to be discussed among the leaders till many days and the issue was further moved to Switzerland. Later on, the plan was totally rejected by the Turkish Cypriot leader, and he rejected to attend the next meeting in the future. However, his son continued to attend the meeting on his behalf.  The plan presented got amended many times and then with a lot of changes made to the plan, it was presented to both the parties in 2004. According to this plan, theRepublicofCypruswould be changed to theUnitedCyprusRepublicwhich would have the south region allotted to the Greek Cypriots and northern part to the Turkish Cypriots, with bi-communal and bi-zonal compensations and settlements of properties, homes, officers, fields, land and others. However, there were many minor disputes related to the people of the island but the settlement could have been taken place.

The only thing required to implement this plan was the agreement between the two political parties. Turkish Cypriots voted in favor of the plan, but the Greek Cypriots voted extremely against it, because in their opinion, it would be unjust with the majority of the island, that is Greek Cypriots and they would not be getting the full rights which they deserved to get in shape of property, land, fields, reputation, area, and from every aspect. The government had a referendum on 24th April 2004, according to which 88 percent votes were received against the plan, while 87 percent were in favor of the plan.

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