Sample Essay

Cyprus became the part of the European nation since after its immediate independence in the year 1960 and it resulted in the favor of the island that most of the international organizations are taking active part is resolving the dispute matter of the Cyprus Island.

Cyprus became the active member of the European Council in 1961 and stretched every single opportunity that could work out in the favor of the circumstances it faces. Since then, Cyprus worked out to join and form a traditional and ethical way to work among the developing countries of the world; but unfortunately, the Turkish invasion in the year 1974 collapsed the whole system and not only mismanaged every transaction or even but also upset the political and economic situation of the whole island and its population that were set by the Association Agreement.  The Turkish military forces not only evacuated the land from the Greek Cypriots from their occupied area, but also ruined and seized their private properties which included land, trade opportunities, offices, properties, fields, crops, and everything that was owned by the Greek Cypriots tangibly (Karayiannopoulos, 2006, Marxism).

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