Sample Essay

In the year 2001, the leaders of the Greek Cypriots and Turkish party held meetings together to discuss matters on their own and set a timeframe or foresee the situation ofCyprusland. After having many meetings in person in the year 2002, the leaders come to a decision or peace plan supported by the United Nations.

Unfortunately, due to some internal reasons and uncompromising stages, the plan soon faced a deadlock and the agreement did not face any fruitful results; this situation was very disappointing especially for the United Nations and the European Union. Later on, United Nations did many efforts and approached the leaders in several meetings and tried to make the settlements through different conferences in different cities of the world. United Nations also made amendments in the peace plan and tried to re-negotiate the whole matter from the very beginning with the two leaders but it did not last and one of the leaders failed to attend the conference, which lead the whole amended peace plan to an end. Kofi Annan was a person who made extraordinary efforts on behalf of the United Nations in this condition with the two Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot leaders. However, European Union made a positive appearance and offeredCyprusto become its member by entering the Union so that its matter could be taken as a family member of theUnion. This offer was accepted andCyprusbecame an official member of the European Union in the year 2004. European Union has a predominant role and interest in theCyprusconflict and it always was willing to give a proper solution to the problem legally being a member. Since then, European Union got the liberal and legal opportunity to interfere in the political matters ofCyprusand present its negotiations and solutions (Blair, 2005, p54).

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