Sample Essay

The negotiations were not initiated after that period and remained idle till the year 2003 and nobody expected that there would be any discussions o this topic until a time came when the United Nations’ representative, Kofi Annan again came in the field of talks and negotiations and presented his services and ideas to solve this matter He invited both the Greek Cypriot leader and Turkish Cypriot leader to have a conference and discussion with him inThe Hague. The motive presented was to listen to both parties, set an understanding on both the sides and prepare a peace plan through which everybody could get advantage of the independence, human rights and peace. Not willing to attend in reluctance, the Turkish refused to meet in accordance, which again led the whole peace procedure to nowhere but in vain. Seeing this position of having no negotiations or talks at all, theCyprusgovernment joined and signed the European Union Treaty of Accession in 2003.

                The whole year of 2004 saw no further discussions on this matter for a long time. Then a time came when everybody’s attention got on to the elections event of Turkish Cypriots as a hope for the local political parties. The assembly got divided evenly for better results, and fortunately, better than expected results were seen in the formation of Democrat Party and CTP. This situation paved a new way forTurkeyto restart the talks again. Both the political parties ofCypruswere called upon to have new discussions to solve the dispute matter of island. Their meeting was held inNew York. New negotiations were made with new plan, according to which the parties were given two options:

  • The Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots would live together in the island with equal rights and values.
  • TheTurkeyandGreecewould live elsewhere.

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