Sample Essay

Customer satisfaction can be regarded as the most important entity while operating a business because it is what every company and every business wants; that is, customer satisfaction. Without it, no business can flourish or even survive in the market because businesses are operated for revenue that is generated from customers and for this purpose, customer satisfaction and their positive feedback regarding the company product comes first.

If the customers are satisfied from a company, it means that the management, its workforce and the quality of the product has succeeded in pleasing its customers and satisfying their needs. The customer satisfaction is comprised of various elements such as perceived quality of the product and the service, customer expectations of the retailer, the price performance ratio, customer loyalty and the overall customer satisfaction with the provided service. The elements that are taken into consideration when determining customer satisfaction as a target for the marketing strategy include store attributes, product and service offerings and customer profile. Retailers emphasize on customer satisfaction to build repeat business by encouraging repeat purchase from customers. The customers are influenced towards repeat purchase when they have an association or a loyalty to a retailer.

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