Sample Essay

Economies around the world are facing a major slowdown in terms of growth, productivity, competitiveness and trade etc. In light of the tremors of global recession, the world growth has slowed down to 3½ per cent in 2008 (HM Treasury UK, 2008) approximately, in wake of crises contributing to economical, political, energy and other factors, primarily in wake of the current US financial crisis, trade deficits, fragile international financial markets, and weakening stock markets that pose a real threat of affecting the emerging markets.

Policies have failed resulting in diminished confidence and demand, in wake of increased energy requirements. Emerging economies, in wake of this crisis, have become more protected about their accumulated surpluses, feeling at risk to invest in dwindling economies, to support their own operations. Only a minor few are supporting weakened economies indirectly through investments by the international financial institutions.

At the same time when this crisis is pressing down on major world powers, it has now started to affect emerging markets and economies, such as China, India etc, projected to represent 50% of the world’s GDP within the next 30 years (Stewart, 2007).

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