Sample Essay

Whorter (2004) in his much criticized article, ‘Why I’m Black, Not African American’ argues about how they are descendants of slaves which is revealed in every style they live and speak and why they should be known as ‘Blacks with a big ‘B’’. All immigrants have their roots extending back to Africa and if their descendants don’t speak the native language, at least they understand it.

He starts by mentioning that most are trapped in between the confusion of being ‘Black’ and ‘African American’ as being their recognition, however, their dialects, cuisines, music and dresses speak a lot for themselves thereby giving an indication of where exactly they might be from. At the same time, blacks have a painful history of being slaves and being forcefully brought to this part of the world though they were worth respect and have thus made their mark in being respectable and accepted citizens of the society.

African Americans gave America exhilarating music beat based on African music but with melody more Western in the emergence, they go to the same Christian Churches and are part of the same society at large because no matter what the history quite a lot were born and raised here, thus, having their unique identities as ‘Blacks’.

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