Sample Essay

World has witnessed the role of telecommunication and computer science behind attacks of September 2001, the mastermind plan was not able to be executed unless full scientific support and expertise were not at hand. Similarly different events across the globe contribute towards mastery of hackers and their will to get their target down.

Following the collision of an American spy plane and a Chinese jet in April 2001, Chinese and U.S. hackers attacked each other’s websites. Each camp selected websites that had symbolic values. In the US, the White House’s site was shut down for many hours; there was a virus attack against computers at the California Department of Justice; and Ohio’s BellaireSchool Districtsite played the Chinese national anthem displaying Chinese flag. In China,, one of the most popular portals; the website of Xinhua news agency; and those of local governments were attacked (Nir Kshetri, 2005, p.554).

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